Shenika’s Successful Gastric Sleeve Surgery


Like millions of people, Shenika knew all too well the challenge of losing weight, and always felt that if she could just lose “those last 10 pounds,” she would be happier and could live a healthier life. But she struggled.

She admitted she was at a weight where she just felt uncomfortable with being seen. “I just wanted to stay in the background,” Shenika said.

Sure, she had heard of gastric sleeve surgery before, knowing it was an option for those struggling with obesity, but she didn’t think she could afford it. That’s when she learned that Carrum Health offered a benefit for weight-loss surgery, and she knew it was something she had to do—not just for her, but so she could be healthy for her son.

“I would not have been able to get it [the gastric sleeve surgery] without Carrum, as it was so difficult to get through your regular insurance. When I went through the process, I thought it was just too good to be true. My experience was so amazing.”

The surgery was performed at Orlando Health Medical Center, three hours away from Shenika’s home, but Carrum Health helped with the logistics and made the ride a smooth one for her and her family. “Everyone there made me feel like I was home,” she said. “They were all truly professional and knew what they were doing and talking about. I knew I was in safe hands.”

What gave her even more peace of mind was that all costs—not just the surgery—were covered, including the rental car to drive to the facility, the hotel fees, and all meals for not only herself, but also for her husband who accompanied her.

“I didn’t pay for it, and then I get my new life that I’ve always wanted out of it. That’s the best part,” she said.

Shenika is using this life-changing surgery as just a stepping stone to a better life, knowing it’s up to her to continue on a healthier path.

“I know this journey is still just beginning, but this was the best decision I could have ever made. I’m happier, and I feel like me again.”

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