Lauren’s Journey to Better Health


“I’ve been gaining weight over the years; I was pre-diabetic, I had high blood pressure and as I got heavier and heavier, my health was declining as it tends to do and I had tried every weight loss tactic in the book.”

Lauren’s story is a common one. Millions of people struggle with weight loss and the associated health risks. In Lauren’s case, despite trying various weight loss tactics, her health was declining. Her doctor suggested bariatric surgery, a life-changing decision she ultimately made.

“I was having no luck with anything and I talked to my doctors and they were like, ‘Have you ever considered doing gastric bypass?’ and in the back of my mind, I had thought about it, but it’s obviously a very drastic decision—it changes how you eat for the rest of your life and it’s not something to be taken lightly.”

She researched the surgery and when she learned that Carrum Health offered weight loss surgery through her employer, she decided to move forward on having the procedure. Thanks to a positive experience with Carrum’s care during a previous spine surgery for a herniated disc, Lauren opted to use Carrum again for her bariatric surgery.


“The spine surgery was a phenomenal experience,” Lauren shared about the help she received through Carrum. “I had a lot of questions the first time around and needed a lot more support, but this time around, it was old hat to me.”

Even so, she knew bariatric surgery was a complicated procedure and it’s something she had considered for years, so did her due diligence. Knowing the surgery wouldn’t cost her anything made the decision much easier.

One of the things Lauren appreciated most about her experience was how easy the whole process was, made even simpler by Carrum’s mobile app, which provided step-by-step instructions on what she needed to do.

She also found great comfort in the care team that worked with her, with everyone from her Carrum care specialist Hannah to her surgeon Dr. Rami Lufti and his team treating her like she was the most important patient.

Now, when she tells people about her experiences with Carrum Health and the benefits it provides, people are in disbelief.

“Their minds are blown,” she stated. “The fact that our employer would be so gracious to give us such an amazing benefit is wonderful… it changed my life.”

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