Help your clients solve costly healthcare challenges

We work closely with benefit consultants to connect self-insured employers to the best providers across the country through bundled care offerings.

Provide better solutions with exceptional results

Deliver financial return

Give your clients a solution to lower surgical spend that pays off. Mature Carrum clients see 4x ROI.

Attract and retain clients

Our plug-and-play platform seamlessly integrates with your clients’ benefits ecosystem to drive engagement and utilization across the board.

Improve the member experience

Our unique technology and provider partnerships deliver a smooth experience with fewer complications and no surprise bills.

We help reduce costs in multiple ways

Affordable, bundled payments for employers

45% average savings per procedure

The most appropriate care for members

30% avoid unnecessary surgery

Higher quality care for better health outcomes

80% fewer readmissions

How can we help you?

Learn how we can work together to bring your clients the best.