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It takes smart partnerships to change the way healthcare is delivered and paid for. Join us on our mission to ensure better outcomes, a superior patient experience, and more affordable care for all.

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Join the nation’s top physicians

Hyperfocused on delivering the best quality patient care, we have a proven track record of improving outcomes and reducing complications. We’ve formed an elite network of Centers of Excellence by working with the top 10% of physicians in the nation—and employers have taken notice.

Grow case volume

We work with large employers across the nation, steering their employees to our network of top providers for access to the best quality care.

Streamline and expedite payments

With innovative prospective bundles, you get the freedom to practice without carrier interference while getting paid quickly for the care you provide.

Procedures we currently offer

We cover the most common and costly procedures, and continue to expand to new service lines and care models.






We set a high bar for our Centers of Excellence to deliver the best possible outcomes.


As part of our Centers of Excellence certification process, we perform a comprehensive evaluation of facilities, individual providers, and procedures to ensure exceptional performance.


Our partners carefully evaluate every case to identify each patient’s unique needs and prescribe treatment accordingly. They deliver the right care at the right time—whether that involves surgery or not.

Patient focus

We work with providers who have a proven track record of delivering patient-centered care, from carefully weighing the right course of treatment to ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Together we provide an exceptional patient experience

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