WA Employers Gain Access to Top Quality Centers of Excellence Program via Washington Health Alliance Partnership with Carrum Health

March 13, 2024

The WHA inked an exclusive COE partnership with Carrum Health to offer bundled services for surgical and cancer care that will save Washington employers money while improving patient experience for employees. 

Seattle and San FranciscoMarch 13, 2024 – Carrum Health and the Washington Health Alliance today announced a strategic partnership to help Washington employers reduce their healthcare spend while gaining access to top quality care for their employees. The Alliance’s members can now tap Carrum’s rigorously vetted value-based Centers of Excellence (COE) network of providers for complex, high cost surgical and cancer care.

The partnership offers the state’s employers a boon in a macroeconomic environment where soaring healthcare costs place additional pressures on self-insured employers looking to contain costs while improving health outcomes for their employee populations.

“In Washington, we face inconsistent quality of care as costs continue to rise for employers and consumers. We want to ensure our members can identify high-quality, affordable care. Our partnership with Carrum Health makes this possible through their innovative patient-centric approach,” said Drew Oliveira, MD, MHA, executive director of the Washington Health Alliance. “Carrum brings an easy-to-navigate, top quality provider network to our market, moving us closer to a healthcare delivery system that offers equitable, affordable access to the best care.”

Carrum offers employers access to its COE network at pre-negotiated bundled prices, so employees can benefit from high-quality care with the help of dedicated care navigators, without having to worry about cost and administrative burdens.

“Employers want to do right by their employees, but they also want to maximize every benefit dollar they spend,” said Brook West, Carrum Health’s Chief Commercial Officer. “We know employers have point solution fatigue and are concerned about their employees’ suboptimal patient experiences. There is a better way to approach healthcare, and it is possible to simplify the process for employers and patients. Bundled services and patient care navigators can address the biggest issues employers face with healthcare today.”

About Carrum Health 

Carrum Health is changing how we pay for and deliver care. We offer self-insured employers a value-based Centers of Excellence (COE) solution that connects their members with a rigorously vetted network of surgical and cancer care providers. Carrum’s upfront all-inclusive bundled pricing, award-winning technology, and dedicated care navigation team help lower costs for both members and employers while delivering a superior member experience. Carrum reduces unnecessary procedures by as much as 30% and aligns cost and care incentives to save employers up to 45% per episode of care. Learn more at carrumhealth.com.

About Washington Health Alliance 

The Washington Health Alliance, a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is the state’s only independent multi-stakeholder collaborative bringing together more than 150 health care purchasers, health plans and provider organizations to drive market change and ensure equitable high-quality care that is accessible and affordable for all Washingtonians.

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