Carrum Health and Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute Partner on Breast Cancer Treatment Model

January 11, 2024

Value-based care program offers Florida patients access to high quality cancer care while reducing costs for employers

Fort Myers, Fla., December 22, 2023 – Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute, LLC (FCS) announced today a new partnership with Carrum Health, a value-based Centers of Excellence healthcare solution changing how cancer and surgical care are paid for and delivered, to provide high-quality, cost-effective breast cancer care to patients at FCS. Through employers, Carrum Health will offer patients a bundled package for breast cancer care that includes two years of coverage for treatment, which may comprise chemotherapy, radiation, and symptom management from FCS.

The partnership will focus on patients with non-metastatic breast cancer in Florida. FCS will expand its patient base by having access to the Carrum Health network. In return, employers who have aligned with Carrum Health will benefit from the advanced oncology treatment options offered at the nearly 100 FCS locations across Florida.

FCS joins Carrum’s rigorously vetted Centers of Excellence network, comprising high-value providers who have invested in patient-centric, evidence-based care nationwide. Carrum offers its employer clients access to this network at pre-negotiated bundled prices, so members can benefit from high-quality care with the help of dedicated care navigators, without having to worry about cost and administrative burdens.

“As a known leader in value-based care, we are committed to creating partnerships that are patient-centered and driven by enhancing the value of the care provided,” remarked FCS Chief Executive Officer Nathan H. Walcker. “Employers have an obligation to ensure their employees have access to affordable, high-quality care. Carrum Health’s strategic program creates mutually beneficial outcomes for all involved.”

Cancer, especially, is an increasing concern for employers as costs continue to rise.

“Community oncology providers are a critical component in expanding access to high-value cancer care for our members,” said Sach Jain, Carrum Health founder and CEO. “FCS offers exceptional and compassionate care for patients going through cancer. We look forward to working with them to provide the best outcomes and remove the financial burden for patients.”

“FCS offers a unique patient experience in a community oncology setting, where patients benefit from all the resources and advanced treatment options they need close to home,” says FCS President & Managing Physician Lucio N. Gordan, MD. “Through enhanced services, such as the availability of biosimilar drugs, innovative genetic testing capabilities, and access to clinical trials, patients at FCS are recipients of the best care in the state, the country, and even the world. We are delighted to welcome those affiliated with Carrum Health.”

This partnership marks the first of its kind for FCS, applying a bundled payment methodology for employers in locations across Florida. FCS and Carrum plan to expand this collaboration to other cancers over time, enabling access for more Floridians to benefit from high-value cancer care.