Carrum Health Expands Cancer Care Solution to Over 400 Facilities Nationwide, Extending Value-Based Treatment for Nearly All Cancer Types

June 25, 2024

Carrum now has the largest Centers of Excellence network for cancer care in the country offering high quality local access for members and saving employers up to 30%

SAN FRANCISCOJune 25, 2024 – Carrum Health, the leader in value-based Centers of Excellence (COE), today announced a major expansion of its cancer care solution to cover nearly all cancer types within the nation’s largest cancer-specific COE network. Carrum’s network now consists of over 400 high quality cancer facilities across the U.S., which represents more than 5x growth over the last 18 months and provides local community-based access. The network will continue to grow, predicated upon Carrum’s unique approach, combining rigorous quality evaluation and value-based payment arrangements that align incentives with providers, making this COE network the only one of its kind in the commercial market.

The Carrum Cancer Care offering is differentiated as the most comprehensive solution that weaves together a COE network with partnerships for screening and early detection, expert virtual second opinion, and whole-person support for Carrum members and their families throughout the surgical and treatment episode. This holistic approach creates a seamless and highly integrated patient experience that delivers better outcomes, removes financial toxicity and also saves employers up to 30% on the cost of cancer treatment.

According to the “State of Oncology Benefits 2024” report published by PwC and Carrum Health, the cost of cancer treatment comprises at least 16% of employer healthcare spend and employers predict that number will grow by 9% each year for the next three to five years. When selecting an oncology solution to combat this trend, employers ranked COEs and value-based solutions as the #1 most important offering and within that category, addressing treatment costs was voted the most important feature.

Responding to this critical need, Carrum built an extensive COE network including both NCI-designated cancer centers as well as high performing community oncology programs which have passed rigorous quality vetting on key metrics such as 5-year survival rates. This ensures members have access to the country’s best providers who specialize in their particular type of cancer for treatment planning, diagnostic review and surgery, and the convenience of receiving chemotherapy and radiation therapy close to home.  Further, this network represents a unique value-based payment model where providers are at risk based on outcomes, resulting in the most appropriate and efficient treatment for members at zero out-of-pocket cost.

The Carrum Cancer Care solution represents a one-stop shop to address the full spectrum of services with pre-wired integrations to offer a seamless experience for members. The following services can all be centrally procured, managed, and paid for through Carrum Health:

  • Cancer screening and early detection with multiple access points, including at-home kits and worksites across all 50 states
  • Expert guidance including specialized oncologist reviews, personalized evidence-based treatment plans, and access to oncology-certified nurses throughout treatment
  • Value-based treatment from the largest cancer-specific COE network, including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy
  • Whole-person support led by a dedicated Cancer Care Navigator with concierge services across every step of the journey, including benefits navigation and connecting members to resources they need when they need them, including psychosocial support, financial assistance, and targeted education

Carrum Cancer Care has been built as a modular solution so employers can select some or all of these services to meet their member population’s specific needs.

“Solving for cancer is hard and we are proud to scale this comprehensive value-based solution for oncology where every provider is held accountable for the cost and quality of care they deliver. Our extensive, rigorously vetted cancer COE network gives employers and their members confidence they are receiving the highest quality comprehensive care at the most affordable prices,” said Sach Jain, Carrum Health founder and CEO.

Nurse and patient

Other adjacent solutions across the industry also recognize the advantages of Carrum’s value-based payment model, its extensive high-quality network, and the expansive scope of cancers covered.

In April, Quantum Health selected Carrum Health exclusively for their new care management solution, Premier Oncology, tailored for employers and their members diagnosed with cancer. This innovative solution enhances support for members, caregivers and their families by integrating Carrum’s value-based COE network of surgical and cancer care providers into Quantum Health’s core navigation and care coordination platform, which offers cancer care support services longitudinally throughout the extensive care journey such as predictive modeling, dedicated oncology nurses, behavioral and social support, as well as proactive leave management coordination.

“In analyzing the current gaps in cancer care and speaking with a multitude of survivors, we identified a need to eliminate gaps and support members throughout their cancer journey. Key to this was connecting them with high-quality cancer care with top rated oncology providers, which is why we chose to partner with Carrum Health after an extensive vetting process,” said Dan Shur, Quantum’s Chief Product Officer. “Through Carrum, our members get access to the largest, high-value cancer COE network which is integrated into our Premier Oncology care management platform.”

Last week, Color selected Carrum Health as their COE partner to seamlessly connect early detection and full-spectrum clinical management with value-based cancer treatment for members. This partnership provides a clear advantage to employers to reduce costs while improving health outcomes for members.

To offer employers additional screening options, Carrum partners with GRAIL to connect members to its multi-cancer early detection test, which screens for a ‘fingerprint’ of many of the deadliest cancers before they become symptomatic and can provide direction to physicians on the cancer’s origin to help guide the next steps to diagnosis. Carrum also partners with AccessHope to offer members remote expertise from nationally recognized top cancer specialists, regardless of location.

“If you want to truly improve cancer care, you need to tackle the root causes–inconsistent care models and misaligned financial incentives and fix it from the bottom up,” said Christoph Dankert, Carrum’s Chief Network Officer. “Members need local access to the best possible cancer care, without worrying about the financial toxicity of medical bills, so they don’t delay treatment and can focus on getting back to good health. Carrum is leading the charge towards this goal by tackling the root of the problem and building out the industry’s largest, true high-value cancer care network that in one fell swoop addresses quality, costs and access to care. We’re doing so in a model where members, providers and employers all win together.”

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Carrum Health is changing how we pay for and deliver care. We offer self-insured employers a value-based Centers of Excellence (COE) solution that connects their members with a rigorously vetted network of surgical and cancer care providers. Carrum’s upfront, all-inclusive bundled pricing, award-winning technology, and dedicated care navigation team help lower costs for both members and employers while delivering a superior member experience. Carrum is independently validated to reduce unnecessary procedures by as much as 30%, lower readmissions by 80% and save employers up to 45% per episode of surgical care. Learn more at

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