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Introducing a truly unique, fully integrated, end-to-end musculoskeletal solution

Hinge Health and Carrum Health are joining forces to offer the highest quality, most affordable and complete MSK care available.

Best in class quality care

Hinge Health’s world-class Digital MSK Clinic™ paired with Carrum’s Centers of Excellence solution means members receive the best care possible. We start with noninvasive programs that offer a full clinical care team of DPTs and health coaches that provide customized digital physical therapy and education, through a single app experience. If surgery becomes necessary, Carrum’s Centers of Excellence bundle all the care a member needs into one, upfront payment and guarantees the outcome. The end result is fewer unnecessary surgeries, better health outcomes, and considerably lower complication rates.

Seamless, integrated patient experience

Members get access to powerful digital health tools, offering services and support from a unified clinical care team dedicated to helping them improve their MSK health. They can seamlessly access care using either the Hinge Health and Carrum Health apps, all from their mobile device, eliminating administrative burdens and simplifying the member experience.

Drastically lower MSK costs

We help your organization realize significant savings by ensuring the most effective and appropriate care for your employees. Hinge Health helps avoid 2 out of 3 surgeries and when surgery is appropriate, you’ll see predictable, transparent savings of up to 45%.

Everything a patient needs – All in one place

By combining the #1 Digital MSK Clinic™ with the leader in a technology-powered Centers of Excellence, this partnership delivers truly end-to-end MSK care, resulting in better clinical outcomes at a lower cost. Join us and let’s change healthcare together.

Image showing the 4 components of end to end care: prevention, acute, chronic and surgery.