Carrum Health featured on Reconstructing Healthcare

June 27, 2017

Episode 3: Sachin Jain | Carrum Health

By Michael Menerey | 02/15/2017


  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Rising healthcare costs
  • Bundled Pricing
  • Cost Savings
  • Centers of Excellence
  • Improving the Employee Experience

In this episode, Michael introduces you to Sachin ‘Sach’ Jain, CEO of Carrum Health. Join us as we discuss how Carrum Health has created an alternative marketplace for lower cost surgical procedures with a focus on creating an exceptional employee experience.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Who Sachin Jain is, and how he found his way into the healthcare field.
  • The Healthcare Marketplace – Why supply and demand play such a vital role in costs, and why the healthcare marketplace doesn’t interact or operate like any other marketplace for service and goods in the country.
  • How Carrum Health is working to solve two systemic issues in Healthcare payments today
  • How Carrum Health created a marketplace for select surgical procedures that sits outside of traditional HMO/PPO network to allow providers to compete directly for employer’s business.
  • Why the bundled platform that Carrum offers runs 40-50% cheaper than pricing through traditional insurance carrier networks.
  • The screening process – What Carrum does to ensure their Centers of Excellence providers meet the highest level of quality.
  • What geographical regions Carrum is available for employers
  • How Carrum is geared towards the patient experience, and how they strive to remove the stress of surgery and hospital stays so that patients can focus on healing.
  • Costs to participate in the Carrum platform