Carrum Health Expands into Indiana with OrthoIndy Hospital

September 16, 2020

Partnership Recognizes OrthoIndy Hospital as New Center of Excellence for Orthopedic Care in Midwest to Deliver High-Quality, Affordable Care

SAN FRANCISCO – September 16, 2020 – Carrum Health, the first digital health company connecting employers and employees with Centers of Excellence (COEs) for better, more cost-effective healthcare, today announced that it’s launching in Indiana through a partnership with OrthoIndy Hospital. Working with OrthoIndy Hospital, Carrum Health will provide Indiana employers, employees, and their dependents access to high-quality orthopedic services at predictable costs.

“OrthoIndy Hospital has a stellar reputation for its orthopedic services,” said Christoph Dankert, VP of Product at Carrum Health. “OrthoIndy Hospital’s focus on delivering high-quality, affordable care makes them an ideal partner as we launch in the state to meet the needs of employer COE programs, and help drive down the cost of common procedures.”

A RAND Corporation study found that prices paid to hospitals across the U.S. for privately insured patients averaged about 241% of what Medicare would have paid. The costs are even higher in Indiana, which was 311% of Medicare, according to the report, “Prices Paid to Hospitals by Private Health Plans Are High Relative to Medicare and Vary Widely: Findings from an Employer-Led Transparency Initiative.

Through Carrum Health’s technology-powered platform, employees and their dependents will have access to joint replacement and spinal procedures at OrthoIndy Hospital at a fixed, bundled price. Carrum Health helps employers save up to 50% on surgery costs, while ensuring that patients receive best-in-class care and support throughout their healthcare journey. Ultimately, Carrum Health plans to offer a full range of orthopedic care through its platform in conjunction with OrthoIndy Hospital.

“OrthoIndy Hospital is already able to offer our patients higher quality orthopedic services at a better value, which has led to the Center of Excellence recognition,” said Timothy Dicke, MD, president and CEO of OrthoIndy Hospital. “Our partnership with Carrum Health, and the bundled packages they offer for common procedures, has the potential for employers and their employees in our state to have access to additional savings.”